Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Everyone should have a dog

This term I have been learning to write a speech. While I was writing my speech I was also learning to structure, use language devices, persuade and use connecting words that connect to my writing. I think it went ok but this was my first time writing a speech, so it didn't go as well as it could have. 
I can use one part of the speech structure.
One of my ideas connects to the point of view. For language devices,  I needed help to persuade and connect with the audience.

Please click here to listen
To my speech or
Read below

Please click here to listen To my speech or Read below.

Do you like coming home with someone so happy to see you? Imagine you've had a rough day at school. You come home tired and a bit sad, but something is there to give you big hugs, and play with you and get you to throw their slobbery wet toy. Have you got a furry someone that makes you smile when you get home? There are benefits from having a dog, that's why I think everyone should have a dog.   

You may think I am forcing you to get a dog, but this is just my opinion. Many of you might have different opinions on getting a dog. Some people don't like having to think of the accidents dogs can have, or whether you have allergies. But think of it like this, you get home and you realise mums  working  on her computer and all you want to do is invite a friend over but your mum will start moaning, and then she'll say get your homework book out, but you ignore her and say in your head, there's more important things to do than maths and spelling, so you go and grab the tennis ball and take your dog for a run, instead of doing boooooring homework.

So I was feeling upset because I had just climbed up a tree and Fallen out, and I was a little bit tired, I felt like I hadn't slept for a million years. I may have been exaggerating, but anyway I was at the beach, I was with my mum my stepdad and my brother, also my dog, his name is Wolfgang, he is a staffy/English bull terrier. I was so excited to make sandcastles,and bury myself in the sand. So me and my brother dared each other to run into the ice cold water. I went first because he face planted into the water, I kept going, I got so far out that I was getting worried that I wouldn't be able to swim back, and I was thinking of sharks, also the water was way too deep for me. Then I felt the sand collapse under my feet I could no longer feel the bottom my parents couldn't see or hear me the only person that could see me was my dog. He started paddling towards me, I grabbed onto his back and he swam me back to shore. Has a dog ever saved you? Well if not, one day a dog could save your life this is a benefit of having a dog.
So this one day I was feeling rather tragic because my brother had pushed me into a pile of mud it was sloppy,wet and most of all disgusting, anyway it was a saturday at about 1:00pm. Me and my brother were walking my dog at the park. We started running around and throwing his toy. And then there was a black and white dog, he was a big dog too. He started running at my dog. I got in front of my dog, but then the dog bit me. I ran away but my dog stuck up for me, and that dog was gone cause he was a scaredy cat.

Anyway How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Dog?

This is a common question among dog adopters.Why are adoption fees so high? Shouldn’t adopting a dog be free, or at least super cheap? To these people I say, remember, you get what you pay for.

When you purchase a purebred from a dog breeder you may be paying anywhere from $500 to over $1000 for your new puppy, but often that’s all you're getting for that cost. When you adopt a dog from a shelter, your adoption fees are going to pay towards the cost of care for your adopted dog has received while at the shelter.  Which is why adoption fees are often adjusted based on the age of the dog you're adopting. 

It can cost at least ($500 to $1000) to get a well looked after animal.

To get a dog you can go to the s.p.c.a. I want to make a website that supports dog owners who don’t have much money. My website would provide cheap pet food so not as many animals end up at the pound. Anyone in the audience here could take action by supporting the spca, with food, money or time. So, what are you going to do to make a difference?

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