Thursday, 7 July 2016

Case study

Have you ever prejudged someone?  To make New Zealand a better place we should accept anyone of any culture. In 2008 2,415 South Africans came to New Zealand. The most common prejudice is by their race, culture, wealth or ethnicity.

Prejudice is judging someone before you know them for example if you saw someone tall your brain comes up with stuff like he must play basketball but you don't even know them.   A way you can be prejudged is by your gender, like saying girls are smart and boys smell, or by your parents if their fat that doesn't matter.  Someone could prejudge you by your language, or how much money you have like if you're rich they think you live in a big fancy house and if you're poor you might live in a cardboard box or have rags for clothes but you don't know that. You shouldn't judge people about anything. 

Prejudice has an effect on people not always nice. Like if you went up to a boy and went “You throw like a girl,” the effect is that they might love shot put and the negative comment might put him off and might not want to do shot put anymore.    

How migrants feel discriminated 
Many people feel discriminated against. An estimated 64,000 people reported experiencing racial discrimination at work. If there was a migrant just sitting down and there was a group of kids staring and pointing that would make the migrants feel alienated and excluded. These are ways to make a migrant feel unwelcome and discriminated 
Looking and teasing
Inappropriate comments 

         How to make a migrant feel welcome 
We have interviewed some immigrants to find out how they felt  when they came  to New Zealand.  The reason we have being doing a case study is because we are taking information and putting it into my writing. We interviewed Ms K about how she felt as a migrant.  Here are some ways to make a migrant feel included

treating them like everyone else 
Be nice
Start a conversation 
Invite them to do something
Saying hello
Helping them to know where to go or where a hotel is
Tour of the school
Include them
Host a welcome party
To not tease them 
   Why is it important to make changes in our community 
It is important to make changes in our community because migrants feel unwelcome and alienated and we want our community to be a place where people like to come.



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