Sunday, 29 May 2016

Climbing the life threatening tree

I feel like I'm about to climb the highest tree in the world. It takes nerves of steel to climb this tree. Our instructor says to sit down, we do. She talks about these things called safety rules. We all stand up, clip clip, the helmets on, and we thread our harnesses on. She asks who wants to go first, I put my hand up as quick as a wink .

She looks at me and asks for my name, I say in a shivery voice “Ophelia.” You're going first . Immediately I regret putting my hand up but I do it. Ok she tells me to climb the ladder.

I shiver in fear, as I shuffle up the ladder. My feet reach for the pieces of wood, nailed to the tree.
“I'm going to fall out,”  I say.
“You're not going to,” she yells out loud; “There's people holding your weight.” So I take a leap. I make it. I feel so good about myself, I keep climbing until I reach the top.

I have one foot on the tree, I can hardly breathe. She starts talking for what it seems like about 15 minutes. I was really scared, because the wind was, shushing me around. She said release your feet so I did but I kept putting my feet on the wood.  I was being lowered down and then bang I bashed into the branch.  Owwww I was still being lowered and when I touched the ground I was relieved.

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  1. Well done Ophelia, you do a great job of showing how nervous you were, eg 'Immediately, I regret putting my hand up' and 'I shuffle up the ladder'. I love it. Mrs P