Thursday, 29 October 2015

Keggles life

Keggles was my cat. He was with us since I was a child and when he first came home I knew I loved him from that first sniff. He was fluffy but I can tell you one thing he did not like my dog, but my dog loved him. Anyway that's a whole other story. Keggles was black and brown - he was a sort of a lion cat. Well that's what he looked like to me. 

Mum and I used to ask questions like “If keggles was still alive what do you think he would sound like?  What if it really happened? I loved to  cuddle him until that death defying day. ‘What if it really happened?’ I was thinking as I was in the vet’s room. I wasn't ready for him to get put down but it was time, the vet said.  I was feeling distraught. 

 I loved him dearly I wish he would never leave us but he will always be in our hearts. 

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