Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Science reflection

Science reflection
This year we have been learning how to think and be like a scientist. We also looked at the most important things of how a scientist looks closely. If he has been given something special he will examine it and will take notes.

This is my strugglometer where we use prestructural, unistructural, multistructural, relational, extended abstract and sometimes when we do an activity we put one of these ideas so we can see how our work is improving.

Insect picture
Our insect picture was about improving. We watched a video about a boy who was drawing a butterfly and at first he started off bad, but his teacher said to keep improving and he did about 6 copies until it was perfect. Our teacher has been teaching us about how to get critical feedback and this is how mine looked.

We have been learning how to keep our environment clean and we got to decide if we wanted to do pamphlets, radio station and newspaper to share our learning. I decided to do pamphlets and here it is. 

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