Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Keggles is put down

Have you ever had the sad feeling when something has been there forever and now it's just not there anymore? 

It was a sunny day after school and I was happy and delighted because I’d had such a good day. I was feeling a bit tired and sleepy because we had been playing games all day like midnight and seaweed. We were on the field with many green trees around us showing it was not autumn. We had got a ride home with my nana. My home is a two story house, top half is white and bottom half is brick. We live on a very busy road so it  is really noisy. Also there's a bp across the road that's also noisy at night when you're  trying to get to sleep. There are two houses down behind us. 

Here is my life changing experience. One day we were taking our cat to the vet. his name was Keggles he was so fluffy black brown and a kind of dirt colour, but lighter. We were getting a ride with my nana in her lightish brown car. It's old and she's had it a long time. Her name is Di . We got into the car and and drove to the vet. Keggles was in his cage yelping. We were there we got out and I held the cage trying to be as careful as I could. We opened the door it slammed behind us with a big noise that made the vet rumble. We went up to the counter to see what time we were going in. It was in about ten minutes, then the veterinarian came in and said Keggles . We were in her office and I placed the cage down trying to be as careful as I could. Then I opened the blue cage door which was guarding the cat from coming out. He walked out slowly not knowing what was going on. The bench felt clammy it had polka dots that were the colour black and white. The lady said we'll have to shave his bum. So she went and got the shaver and she tried to but she had to go get an expert.  I was feeling worried. Then the expert shaved and he was fly blown and he had a cancerous tumor. He had to get put down.  I was feeling scared. Mum asked if we could take him home for one more night they said yes of course. So we went back out and told nana the sad news. She was devastated. Then we walked outside and got into the car. I decided that I would go to the pool with my friends since I was going to see keggles again that night. So they dropped me off at my friend Talia’s house who is about 5 or 6 years old. We were playing with barbies. Mum and nana went back home to nana’s. We got into their grey car and I was playing with their new wee baby's hands, they were very soft.  When we arrived,  we got out of the car and ran into the changing rooms. We were ready to hop into the pool. Time passed and Talia’s mum Shay  got a text message from my mum saying we have to take Keggles back to the vet because he was getting worse. I had my mouth wide open in surprise I was very disappointed. Shay gathered us and got us into the car and drove back to the vet.  We got out and I rushed inside and hugged mum and started whimpering. The vet said it might be a while until you can come in.  You can wait in the car with keggles and I'll come out and get you through the back door.  We went out to the car and my Aunty and stepdad came out to see Keggles for the last time. They came and gave Keggles big hugs to say goodbye. my nana had her ipad so i took some photos then the vet came out the back door. Mum and my step dad and I  went through the door and went into the office. We sat Keggles down on the table the vet went and got the needle.  She gave us a few minutes to say goodbye then she came into the room and said ok it’s time. She pierced the needle into his vein, he went to sleep straight away.
My message from this story is to treasure something while it’s there.

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  1. Ophelia, this is very well written. So well written, with the emotion of your experience that you took me right back to the time our cat Tammy had to be put down. It really does feel like the most devastating thing to lose a loved pet. I love your message, to treasure the people and animals we love. Well done.