Monday, 21 September 2015

Arts finale

For a couple of weeks we have been doing a dance and drama because our goal this year is to connect the arts to our community. Yesterday we went into town to perform our acts in front of a big crowd.

 I think my performance went well. The highlight of my performance was that I connected to the audience by making eye contact. My proudest moment was when I remembered the line that I always forgot in practises.  The exciting moment was when the tension was building up for when I walked on stage with Beth and I said my line.

I involved the audience by showing my emotions and eye contact.  This helped the community connect with me by looking me in the eye. This connection made me feel like I have put a lot of energy into the play to make things work and stop fighting in our group.

The maori connections I saw were manaakitia because people were sharing the equipment. I also noticed whanaungatanga because people were connecting with each other by.

The community responded by to our performances by clapping and laughing. I saw them doing the things I just listed also I saw them saying things that we can improve and keep.

I can connect to the community in my own time by doing dance at morning tea and asking friends to join in.


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