Thursday, 30 July 2015

Splitting my head

My feet drooped across the hallway floor to my room where I sat and played for a few minutes. I could hear my mum laughing as she was watching a movie through the wall. Soon after that she came in to say goodnight. I could feel her walking to my room. As I was going to climb into bed my mum dared me to run and jump on to my bed, so I did.

I was so excited that I slid across my bed and split my head on my cabinet. I was shocked. I sat on my bed with my head slumped in my hands. Mum ran off and got me a flannel. When I put it on my head I felt excruciating pain.

After that we got into the car. I was so sore. We were whizzing to the hospital. We got in and made an appointment so we waited. And waited. For what felt like a million years. When I asked mum what the time was she said 9.00pm. I was feeling tired and exhausted, but then the doctor said “Ophelia. I was like “finally!” and we went into this room and sat down in some chairs.

The doctor asked how it happened and so we told her and then she said “Ok, it's not deep enough that you'll have to get stitches. I said “phew!” but then she said “you'll just need it glued.” I asked “does that hurt?” She said “No, we just put some special glue in there to fill it in and then you can go”.

After that was done she said you can go now so we went and got in the car and drove home.

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