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Christchurch waterways

Ground water connects to the southern alps because the rain water comes from the southern alps and flows over and through groundwater. I wonder if when ground water goes through the drains if it gets dirty or contaminated. Springs connect to waterways because springs for streams and rivers. I wonder if there were no springs would there be no waterways. Surface and stormwater connect to rivers,lakes and drains.


In a stream ecosystem creatures rely on all sorts of different habitats, like rocks and the stream bed, to survive. Water temperature and shade over the river connect because shade makes the streams and rivers cooler and eels and mayfly larvae like cold water. Therefore eels rely on it.               

Mud fish and crayfish connect because the mudfish save crayfish as protection there for crayfish rely on mudfish. Stream flow and mayfly larvae connect because mayfly likes fast flowing water. Water temperature and vegetation connect because the water has to be a certain degree for plants to grow.

River health.

There are different indicators to measure the health of a river ecosystem.  Erosion:if there is unhealthy erosion there won't be many bushes or trees to stop the mud from falling into the water. If it's healthy there will be lots of bushes and trees because the roots are stuck in the ground so it will be strong enough to hold the mud from falling into the water.

Water temperature:if there is unhealthy water temperature it will be under 20 degrees celsius and there won't be many macroinvertebrates because most of them are fussy about temperature. If it is healthy it will be 15 degrees celsius and there will be many invertebrates. If there is an unhealthy river there will not be any macroinvertebrates you will only find snails and worms but not much of them. If it is healthy there will be many different species like caddisfly, mayfly, dobsonfly, and stonefly.

Testing our streams.

Our class have been learning about our local waterways and what are living In them and how they keep water healthy. we assessed different streams and rivers using a clarity tube, sieve, trays, invertebrate survey and the in-stream and riparian habitat survey. We tested the health of the river ecosystem.

Our findings


We got some results of Tillman's Drain here are my results. The shade over the drain was not very good because there was only about a quarter of the drain was covered because there were no native trees for shade and the water will get to warm. There was no stream flow because we didn't see rapids and riffles because there was no stream flow. There were some signs of erosion occurring up to 1 fourth of the streambank because there are no plants to stop mud falling into the water.


The validity of this test is affected by the fact that different people have different opinions

Like for the water health •poor•good•very good•excellent.

Suggested actions

  • We could plant some more plants to stop erosion

  • We should plant more trees around the drain

  • Make sure you don't spray weed killer in or near the waterways because it will keep the waterway healthier.

Why we should  plant more plants to stop erosion: because then sediment and chemicals won't get in.


Kaitiakitanga is about protecting our land for future generations and for our ancestors. We want to keep our food sources sustainable for our children.

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