Sunday, 10 May 2015

Being caught

I was being as quiet as a mouse in my snuggly place I go to at night.  My favourite soft snuggly  bed. I was hungry, though I wasn't allowed to be loud so I was trying to contain the sound of my tummy moaning for food. It was dark outside, the only light peaking through my curtain was the twinkling stars.

I was waiting for my mum to sit down to watch her movie so I could sneak out unseen. I slid the covers off, lifted my feet out of my bed and put them on the ground silently.  Then, on my knees, I crawled past the door and once I had passed it I stood up. I tiptoed to the the pantry. I slid the doors open as  quiet as I could and grabbed a biscuit, some chips and a muesli bar. I shut the cupboard door and got on my knees.  I sneaked to my door.  I was free!  Then as I stood up I realised I wasn't mum was tapping her foot.  “You should be in bed.” So I ran into my bed and went straight to sleep 

1 comment:

  1. I love the line 'the only light peeking through my curtains was the twinkling stars.' It makes the stars sound cheeky somehow.